DMCA Takedown

If you believe that content available by means of the Website Video.OneCoolThing.Today infringes one or more of your copyrights, please notify us by means of an emailed infringement notice providing the information described below.

Please also be advised if you send a DMCA takedown notice that is both false and meant in bad faith (such as to harass, or doesn’t state a real claim), you have committed perjury and you could be liable for damages including costs and attorneys’ fees.


Please include the following information when submitting a DMCA takedown notice:

1. An electronic signature of the copyright owner or a person authorised to act on their behalf.
2. An identification of the copyright claimed to have been infringed.
3. A description of the nature and exact url location of the video that you claim to infringe your copyright, in sufficient detail to permit Video.OneCoolThing.Today to find and positively identify that content.
4. A statement by you: (a) that you believe in good faith that the use of the content that you claim to infringe your copyright is not authorised by law, or by the copyright owner or such owner’s agent; and (b) under penalty of perjury, that all of the information contained in your Infringement Notice is accurate, and that you are either the copyright owner or a person authorised to act on their behalf.
5. Importantly your name, address, telephone number and email address


By submitting a claim you understand that claimed content can take up to 5 working days to be fully deleted from the server.

You can now give us the above information using the contact form