Best Amiga Games Ever: Amiga Power All-Time Top 300

Do you want to know what the best games on the Commodore Amiga are? Well, it\'s entirely subjective, but one popular source was Amiga Power, a UK-based magazine. They compiled the Amiga Power All-Time Top 100 in 1991, then decided to do it again, every year until the magazine\'s end in 1996. There are 292 unique games that were chosen, and I\'ve used a simple algorithm to rank them and present them here, along with eight Honourable Mentions to bring the total to 300.

To find out more about the algorithm I used and other details, head over to my Amiga Power All-Time Top 300 blog:
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All game footage is recorded by me, and everything is LOSSLESS up to the point of YouTube\'s encoding. I use free software to make all of my videos:
Avisynth (video editing)
Wavosaur & AudioMass (audio editing)
Virtualdubmod (lossless video encoding)
WinUAE (emulation)
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