AMiNIMiga (Official) Setup process

Hey, its me Jimmy Johansson, just a small video with setup instructions to go along with the new version 101 of AMiNIMiga, its really wasy, and instructions are also available in text at

AMiNIMiga is a collection of old shareware and abandonware software and games that just isnt available anymore, think of it as a timemachine to the 90s! Re-live your youth/childhood with the games you played growing up using your A500Mini.

AMiNIMiga is completely free and will always be. Expect many updates to come later on, this is only the beginning!

More info and download links at AMiNIMiga website:

There is also a donation link set up on the AMiNIMiga website if you are happy with anything i do and want to buy me a beer!
(I appreciate it!, and remember i dont sell anything)

You can find me on my discord server \"A500 Mini/Maxi Users\" as Ami-Jimmy for support and chat:
You can also find me on the FaceBook group \"The A500 Mini/Maxi Users\":

And of cource always the latest version on:

Music thanks to Amiga remix author:
CZ Tunes and Tim Wright
amiga mini
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